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My clients have had salary increases ranging from 20% - 105% through promotions or new roles within or outside of their companies. Clients have also gained more clarity on what makes them valuable as employees, defined their professional vision, or gained insight and tools to be more strategic or productive within their current roles.


Whether you are looking for a new job, seeking a promotion, hoping to clarify your career vision, or changing your career field, I provide strategic coaching and consulting towards your next career transition.

Are you realizing that you're ready to pursue another job opportunity but trying to determine what to do next to maximize the chances of you getting your next amazing role? Do you feel like you have outgrown your current role?  Or is it that you're unclear on your life's purpose and mission and desiring clarity about what your long-term vision is for your career trajectory?


Check out how I can help below:

Compass - Daphne Valcin Coaching - Miami, FL


Have you been trying to understand how to best utilize your interests, past experience, and present achievements in a career path that completely fits you? 


Coaching focused on clarifying your life's purpose, mission, and long-term goals might be for you.


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Women looking at her cell phone - Daphne Valcin Coaching - Miami, FL


It's taking professionals 3 months or more on average to find their next job role, even in major cities. 


Career coaching focused on job pursuit, combines action planning and accountability with training on a number of non-traditional methods to pursue the job of your dreams.  


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Open book on a table - Daphne Valcin Coaching - Miami, FL


From interview preparation to resume review and feedback to informational interview training, clients who have worked with me to prepare for their next job opportunity have received salary increases between 20% - 105%, changed career fields, or moved up one or more levels higher within their companies as senior level leaders.

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Modern Office Building - Daphne Valcin Coaching - Miami, FL


Are you interested in being promoted internally, enhancing your leadership skills, or obtaining a salary increase in a current or future role? 


Strategies for promotion, leadership development, and salary negotiation can be challenging to obtain on your own but these tools and strategies are completely attainable with the right resources. 


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