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After being the sole employee not laid off in two different roles at two different jobs; being promoted within 1 - 2 years in a number of positions; and going from bringing in $72 in revenues her first month in business to bringing in over the median salary for coaches while only working 20-25 hours a week in 2019, Daphne understands how individuals can position themselves as being essential, valuable, and results-driven leaders who positively impact the people and environments around them. 

The Conference Board reports that over 53% of Americans are unhappy at work, and according to research by the Queens School of Business and Gallup, organizations with low employee engagement scores saw 18% lower productivity, 16% lower profitability, 37% lower job growth, and 65% lower share price over time. Individuals who are not operating at their full potential at work are not only more likely to leave their roles, but they're vastly affecting their companies' success.

Daphne has coached almost 200 individuals for over 1,000 hours and has done more than 100 speaking engagements within her coaching and training career. As a result, she has observed what the most successful business, career, and executive coaching clients have in common and she has developed key strategies that individuals and organizations can take to be able to operate at their fullest potential in order to take their career advancement and their companies to the next level!

Are you looking for an engaging, interactive speaker to transform your event, meeting, or program into a truly memorable experience?

Daphne is a veteran group facilitator and has spoken effectively to small groups and has wowed crowds of thousands of people for over 20 years. Time and time again, after her engagements, organizational contacts have said they have never seen individuals so engaged and excited as a result of a speaker’s presentation. Many of them mention that she is the most engaging speaker that they’ve witnessed in years at their organization.


Her first large-scale speaking engagement was in 1997 in front of an audience of around 400, and over the years, she has spoken in front of audiences as large as 6,000.


Daphne obtained national training and certification towards her mastery in motivational speaking and group facilitation and has a passion for bringing groups together around goal attainment, team-building, and organizational development.


Some topics that Daphne has spoken about through Keynotes, Workshops, and Trainings include:

✓ Motivation and Inspiration,

✓ Perseverance and Preparation as it Relates to Life, College, Career,

    or Business,

✓ Personal and Team Development,

✓ Leadership Development and Assessment,

✓ Enhancing Personal Presence,

✓ Goal Setting,

✓ Maximizing Daily Personal and Business Productivity,

✓ Strategic Planning and Marketing.


A few of her accolades

  • Ranked One of the Top 20 Career Coaches in Miami

  • National College Board Professional Fellowship Inaugural Fellow

  • Washington, D.C. Capital Cause Changemaker of the Year Nominee

  • Washington, D.C. Capital Cause Heart of Giving Circles Projects Award

  • Golden Key International Honour Society Honorary Member

  • University of Florida Commencement Speaker

  • University of Florida Outstanding Female Leader Award

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Lambda Psi Chapter Social Activism Award

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