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Daphne Valcin

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My current and previous affiliations include:

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National Association of Women Business Owners
Official Member Forbes Coaches Council

From the time I started facilitating my very first coaching sessions, clients shared with me that my coaching is life-changing.


In just their initial session, clients have mentioned experiencing forward movement on visions they have often had for years. In the case of business coaching clients, within just a few minutes of coaching with me, individuals are often able to leave with ideas and practical steps to take their businesses to the next level when it comes to clarity, cash flow, or confidence. A number of career coaching clients have obtained their dream roles during or soon after our coaching together. Audiences where I've served as a featured speaker, keynote speaker, or trainer often share that they gain a great deal of value from my presentations that they can immediately apply to their corporate, career, or college vision.


I am a first-generation American, born to two Haitian immigrants in a Miami neighborhood that was experiencing an increase in drugs and violence during my upbringing. However, using some of the same strategies I use with clients, I have committed my life to overcoming obstacles and embracing opportunity and success, speaking at my undergraduate graduation, making my way to an Ivy League University for my Master’s Degree, and causing massive business growth in the business ventures I have been a part of.


Through research-driven strategies and a focus on personal and professional leadership, as a certified life coach focusing on career and business, I now empower individuals and organizations who strive to be mission and purpose-driven. I am passionate about helping clients put systems in place to greater reflect their mission and purpose, daily.


My goal is to ensure the individuals I serve have the strategy they need to move forward to meet their goals and produce results. I have served coaching and speaking clients all over the country both in-person and virtually in states including Florida, Georgia, California, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, New York, Philadelphia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and Washington, D.C. and also in the UK, Canada, and China.


My clients have 10x'd their business revenues, increased salaries by 20%, 40%, or even by 105%, drastically improved their productivity and mindset, attained their educational aspirations, and more!


As a seasoned mentor, professional speaker, certified group facilitator, and career and business coach, I have facilitated growth opportunities for thousands of people throughout the East Coast through my work for more than a decade.


My areas of expertise

  • Personal and Team Development

  • Leadership Development and Assessment

  • Maximizing Daily Personal and Business Productivity

  • Personal and Team Development

  • Team Communication

  • Career Advancement Strategy

  • Mission-Driven Business Start-Ups

  • Strategic Planning and Marketing, &

  • Professional Speaking and Training


Who benefits from my coaching skillset

Mission- and purpose-driven individuals seeking

  • to move forward with their vision and goals

  • to strategize around maximizing the efficiency of time and resources

  • to enhance personal development, career development, or business development


A few of my accolades

  • National College Board Professional Fellowship Inaugural Fellow

  • Washington, D.C. Capital Cause Changemaker of the Year Nominee

  • Washington, D.C. Capital Cause Heart of Giving Circles Projects Award

  • Golden Key International Honour Society Honorary Member

  • University of Florida Commencement Speaker

  • University of Florida Outstanding Female Award

  • Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Lambda Psi Chapter Social Activism Award

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about my services at

Contact me if you are interested in learning more about my services at


Feel free to book a discovery session now to start to explore the possibilities of coaching and to learn more about my coaching packages by clicking the button below!

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