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A time to reinvent yourself

As so many of us are heading back to in-person work or starting to go out more (with social distancing of course), we are inherently having the opportunity to develop new routines.

Some of us have moved or are moving to different locations in the midst of everything going on.

What if you took this opportunity to create new routines for yourself?

What if you took this opportunity to re-evaluate your circle and identify what relationships you might need to shift (even if that means interacting more with people you think are amazing)?

What would you like to stop doing?

What certifications or skills might you want to pursue?

Before I met my husband, when I lived in the Washington, D.C. area, I had a friend who I would meet with, almost daily. We would co-work (before that was cool to do) at a local coffee shop, and spend time encouraging and supporting one another personally and professionally. It was awesome. After getting married, I talked to her every few months for years, though during the pandemic, we started to talk bi-weekly. Talking to her regularly has been such a wonderful addition to my life.

Who might you want to connect with more?

One of my career coaching clients became the father of a small child within the past year. He recently transitioned from working in retail for many years with a challenging schedule to now working at a traditional 9-5 position with an increase in pay to be able to be home more with his family. This was an opportunity he dreamed of. Maybe shifting your schedule is something that is important to you moving forward?

It's not too late to work on re-inventing yourself or your routines or making slight shifts that create a big impact in your life.

I believe in you!

Photo credit: Crystal de Passille-Chabot


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