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Four organizations with free tools to help you launch or grow your business!

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There are some organizations that I really wish that I had known about at the start of launching my business. Not only have these organizations played a significant role in helping people launch their businesses, but a number of these organizations have also played a part in helping businesses get to the 7-figure mark and beyond from my research.

The best part is, these organizations offer many of their resources for FREE!

Here is a list of four of these organizations that you'll want to know about as a startup or current business owner looking to grow your business. I've personally tried SCORE and SBDC and have referred my business coaching clients to those two organizations with great results, and I hope these resources are helpful for you too! Learn more by exploring the organizations and their websites below:

1) SCORE: A nonprofit supported by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that provides free local mentors, e-mentors, resources, and templates

2) SBDC (Small Business Development Centers): An organization funded in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) that provides aspiring and current small business owners with free consulting and low-cost training services

3) Apple Business Collection: A series of hands-on sessions for business owners and entrepreneurs to explore business tools and network with fellow colleagues

4) Facebook Community Boost: An event happening in major cities across the country featuring free business training and workshops for small businesses

I hope these tools help you reach and surpass your business goals in an amazing way.

Definitely share this post with any colleagues you think it could be helpful for, and comment or like this post if you found it helpful as well!

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