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How can you get to your next level?

As you're thinking about what you've accomplished over the past few months and what you're looking to do over the next few months or even within the next few years: Are you taking advantage of all of the professional development opportunities that you can to pursue your dreams and be prepared for opportunities that might come your way within the time that you have available to you?

What I mean is, with the time you reasonably have to develop and grow outside of your other responsibilities, are you taking advantage of that time in the most effective way?

Maybe you need to do more to pursue opportunities that can help you strategically get to your next level personally, professionally, or entrepreneurially?

Please keep in mind that success is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. What do you need to do to be preparing for opportunities that might come your way or for opportunities you can create for yourself in the coming months or years?

When I worked for others, I took advantage of as many conferences, webinars, trainings, and workshops that I could about media, journalism, social media, social change, education, and public relations. If my bosses allowed me to do professional development during work, I’d do it. If they had a budget for professional development for my position, I would try to use it. If there were workshops, seminars, or conferences in my city after work, I would attend. I had no idea during most of the time that I worked for others, that I would someday be working for myself. I just wanted to be an excellent employee, and I’ve always had a love for learning. I also wanted to be as equipped as possible to create significant impact for my employers and the organizations that I served.

Now, as an entrepreneur, not only am I seeing the value that I bring to the table as a result of all of that professional development that I did in the past, but I’m also more keen to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to form relationships, pursue training, read articles, or attend events that allow me to serve my clients better, take advantage of opportunities, and move towards my own next level.

But you can do this too. You can be strategically pursuing opportunities that help you get to your next level, or if you're already pursuing those opportunities, what can you do to be even more strategic about your pursuit of strategic opportunities to get to your next level?

Take some time over the next few days to identify what professional development, conferences, workshops, associations, connections, or research you might need to include in your weekly or monthly schedule that might help you get to your next level.

Your future will thank you for it!

Feel free to share this post with friends or family that you feel this post could benefit. And of course, if you need help on creating a blueprint for your growth and success or need accountability as you pursue your goals and dreams, feel free to email me at so we can chat about how I can help!

Photo credit: Charlotte Karlsen (Unsplash)

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