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Identifying the right support team for your business

Many of us have come to a point in our businesses where we realize that if we want to spend more time with our families, practice more self-care, or do more of what we'd like to be doing in life, then we have to get additional help. This could look like hiring a virtual assistant, bringing on a contractor, utilizing short-term professional services, or even adding on another employee.

There are numerous factors associated with what you should consider before utilizing help, but I want to share with you a few things to think about as we go into 2020 and as you're most likely strategizing about what's next for your business in the coming year.

Here are a few things to consider when identifying the right support team for your business:

1) What do you want your working in your business to look like in 2020 that would make you feel as if your business is running efficiently, your business has a foundation that can be utilized for years to come, and you're able to practice work-life balance?

2) What are all of your current major business activities that you're doing, which of them would you like to outsource, and which of them should you outsource even if you don't desire to in order to get you to be closer to your vision for your business?

3) What could you delegate to someone else that would still allow you to sustain or enhance your business's brand and unique value proposition?

4) How much are you willing to manage, teach, train, and provide feedback to someone working in your business? This can help you identify how much an additional individual might be part of your team and how well-trained the person should be before they come into your team. This also can help determine if you should only bring on someone or some company with high ratings and reviews or if a novice works for you.

5) Consider creating a list of what kind of support you might you might want to add to your team in 2020 months before you need additional support, and then re-order the list based on what kind of people or professional services are of most priority and interest to you in 2020 to spend some time reflecting on this decision before you actually make it.

My hopes are that you considering the above will allow you to feel even more confident moving forward about what kind of support you might need to utilize in 2020. I'm excited for you to be able to move even closer to having the vision you dreamed of in the coming year and look forward to you taking the necessary action steps to be even more strategic about how you do business in 2020!

Photo credit: Christina at WOCinTechChat from Unsplash

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