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Three challenges job-seekers often run into

Recently, one of my career coaching clients got offered a C-Suite position with a signing bonus and substantial salary increase. The kicker is, just 2 years before, she shared with me what her dream job was—the job she could retire from someday—and this is it.

Her career journey, and many of the career journeys of individuals I work with, led me to share with you content today that I think could help you, whether you're seeking a new role internally at your company or externally at another company, now or in the future.

There are three challenges that I believe come up for a number of job-seekers, that if addressed, could be a game-changer for pursuing new roles. Here they are:

Challenge #1) Not having the right network

According to an article on, "Around 80% of jobs are not posted online. This is referred to as the “hidden jobs market.” Those who find jobs in this hidden market are individuals who effectively network with other people. The other 20% of jobs that are posted online, will be a maze of confusion and fierce competition with multitudes of candidates already ahead of you." Another article on CNBC states that "research has long shown that anywhere from half to upwards of 80% of jobs are filled through networking."

My clients and I are often identifying what their networking strategy might be, what their objectives are for that networking strategy, and what accountability measures need to be in place for networking to happen regularly, because it truly is such a critical part of the job-seeking process. This strategy alone, I believe, is responsible for two of the highest salary increases of 100% and 105% that two of my clients experienced in 2020.

Challenge #2) Not realizing your true value

This morning, I was thinking about how much I love, love, love working with my clients. They are often ambitious individuals who are trying to make an impact in their workplaces, in their families, or in their own lives. And across the board, no matter if my client is an entry-level employee or in one of the highest roles at their company, they often are not yet communicating the depth of their value and contributions within the job-seeking tools and strategies that have the most impact on the job-seeking process.

The exercises I have done to pull out the qualitative and quantitative data associated with a client's value, I believe, are largely responsible for a number of the 20% and 40% salary increases that a number of my clients have seen after pursuing and attaining new roles.

Challenge #3) Not putting enough time into the job-seeking process

There are so many things that get in the way of pursuing new job opportunities. Time management challenges, imposter syndrome, procrastination, competing family priorities, heavy workloads at work, and more can hinder an individual's ability to focus on taking action towards their next job role.

In order to prioritize your next-level role, be sure to implement tools or strategies like online calendars, to-do list apps, social accountability with a friend or coach, new daily work routines outside of work, and daily or weekly actions that remind you of why you're pursuing the goals you're pursuing. As one of my clients mentioned a few days ago, "If you don't take action to get the job, you definitely won't get the job." Taking action regularly in excellence and being patient with the outcome is so important when it comes to your job-seeking process.

As you're on your journey now or in the future to finding your next-level role, I'm sending well wishes your way! Feel free to utilize the advice I have mentioned above or decide what might work best for you and your situation in order for you to be grateful, two years from now, for the action you are taking presently towards your dreams.

Feel free to comment below if this article was helpful to you, and as always, feel free to share it with any friend, colleague, or family member you feel might find this useful. And if you need additional support from a career coach as you navigate your career, feel free to reach out and schedule a discovery session by clicking here. I'd love to chat about if I might be able to help with your job-seeking journey.

Photo credit: Joanna Nix-Walkup on Unsplash

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