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Three steps to achieve your goals to transform your life

During this time, we all have different things that we're being moved to focus on, even in the midst of this pandemic. For some of us, we know that we need to focus most on resting and adding more leisure activities to our schedule. Maybe you've been going and going, and you're realizing that quarantine is a time for you to practice as much self-care as possible. For other people, this is a time to take on courses, certifications, and other professional goals. And for others still, with children in the home or other major responsibilities, this is actually an extremely busy time where it seems that many goals have to be put on hold due to lack of available time for personal or professional pursuits.

For wherever you are with your time these days, there are three steps I feel that you can take to achieve your goals to transform your life this year, even in the midst of the impact of Covid-19. And before you delve deep into creating and implementing goals, do think about 1 - what is motivating you to create and implement your goals that is meaningful enough for you to attain those goals and think about 2 - limiting the major goals you set to 3 a year, 3 a month, 3 a week, and 3 per work period daily so that you can be laser focused on reaching your most important goals, focusing on secondary priorities only after those major, priority goals are complete.

And now for those 3 steps:

1) Specify

Be very specific and realistic about what it is you'd like to accomplish, and think of what goals might make a meaningful shift in your life, career, or business. When I first started my business, I would spend hours organizing files or trying to resize an image to make it look just right. While these were good things to do, they weren't the most strategic things to do, and I saw that in my very slow pace of business growth during my first few months of business 6 years ago. Reflect on what are the most meaningful goals you can set, and then be very specific about what would be a win for you when it comes to accomplishing those goals.

2) Schedule

In my home, my husband and I have a saying that, "What doesn't get scheduled, doesn't get done." He would tell you that before we got married, he was not a stickler for scheduling everything, but with many more tasks to manage as we now have 2 kids, his work responsibilities, and multiple businesses between us, scheduling is critical. Scheduling the action steps associated with your priorities ensures that not only have you proclaimed that something is important to you, but that the way you are structuring your life shows that what you say are your priorities are truly important to you. When it comes to your goals, some examples of what you should schedule include:

  • When you'd like to start working on your goal

  • All of the small action steps that you should take on the way to achieving your goal (for example, what milestones are associated with getting a certification, like searching for a certification course, registering for a certification course, completing each module, and when your deadline is for completion should all be scheduled separately with an appropriate block of time designated for each task in your schedule)

  • Any outreach you need to be done associated with your goal

  • Time to reflect on your progress when it comes to your priority goals

Years ago, I once heard that though scheduling may seem like it's restrictive, it actually gives you more freedom. There is a peace and feeling of fulfillment that comes with knowing you're moving forward on doing the things you desire and even in scheduling those things that allow you to have more fun and excitement and time with loved ones in your life to make sure those are a part of your repertoire!

3) Social Accountability

Research shows that having someone you are accountable to when it comes to your goals can increase the chances of you completing those goals. I once told a woman who struggled to write a book that she could even utilize weekly conversations with her daughter--who she was very close to--to update her daughter on her progress on her book and her goals moving forward. Having the right person or people to support you with your goals can be a game-changer. I had a client who noticed that when she had her roommate to exercise with her, it was much easier. My husband and I do weekly coaching sessions associated with his business to move it forward regularly. And many of us have had personal trainers, professional association memberships with work groups, accountability partners, therapists, or coaches. Who do you need to utilize more to help you move your life, career, or business forward? Schedule in time to connect with them, and develop a concrete plan of checking in to provide you with support as you pursue your goals, especially if your goals sometimes get left behind with everything else happening in your life, work, or business.

I hope this post was helpful to you as you move forward with pursuing the goals that are most meaningful to you! Even in the midst of everything happening with Covid-19, there is still space for you to transform your life by integrating into the fold those priorities that are most meaningful for you during this time!

If you thought this post was helpful, please do email me at and let me know, and as always, feel free to share this with friends, family, or colleagues who you feel might find this content to be helpful!

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

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