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Three ways to evaluate if it’s time to make a life-changing decision

Photo credit: Carsten Tolkmit (Flickr)

Sometimes you just have to jump to be successful.

That’s what a business mentor told me just a few days ago–a mantra he got from a powerful video by Steve Harvey.

There comes a time in one’s life when one must make the decision to make a huge leap. The ability to make this life-changing decision could totally impact your life and allow you to experience the freedom you need to fly, whether that means becoming an entrepreneur, taking your life or business to the next level, delving into a romantic relationship, leaving the past behind, or doing something you’ve always dreamed of.

Along my journey, I’ve done a lot of risk-taking. I’ve traveled internationally, pursued a long-distance relationship that turned into a beautiful marriage in under a year, become a full-time entrepreneur rather quickly, and have done almost every type of amazing job that I could dream of. While on my path, I’ve discovered some strategies to help me evaluate if it’s time to make a life-changing decision.

1) How bad do you want whatever you're pursuing?

We have to get into the habit of doing a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to our goals and dreams. If you don’t pursue that thing you’ve been thinking about, what are you going to lose out on? What benefits would you gain from pursuing that dream? Do your benefits outweigh your costs? Are the costs unhealthy? Are the benefits greater if you pursue this specific goal now? Eric Thomas, a life coach and professional speaker, often says you have to want to achieve your goals as bad as you want to breathe. Think to yourself, “How bad do I want this?”

2) Think through the worst and best of results.

What’s the worst thing that will happen if you don’t take action? Go ahead. Think through every detail of it. What will happen? How will you feel? What results will come from the worst thing happening? How would you deal with that? Are you willing to take that risk? Now, I want you to think through the good that will exist despite the worst results happening. What blessings would exist amidst your struggles? Now, think through what the best results could be from you taking your leap of faith. Go ahead. Think through all of the success and possibilities that would come with the very best results of your decision. How would you feel? Without knowing what the results would be, are you prepared for both the best and the worst results?

3) How much does your goal align with your values?

There is something about you and what you value that is having you even consider pursuing this goal. What is it? Do you value peace, freedom, joy, flexibility, or time? Maybe it’s something else you’re seeking? Think about whether or not the goal you’re seeking will fulfill you, or take you on a guilt trip because you’re not honoring your other values. Which values outweigh the others? For example, you may want to be an entrepreneur, though feel like in the beginning stages, you may not have financial freedom as you build your business. But maybe the independence, time, and family values that might come with your entrepreneurial endeavors outweigh financial freedom. This assessment of your values and how they align with your goals will give you the peace you need to approach, follow through, and push through your pursuits!

My hopes are that, as you are on your journey, if you use the three strategies above to analyze your pursuits, that you should have the courage to jump when you must–to boldly pursue your dreams.

For it is when you decide to jump that you will have a chance to fly.

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