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Who will help you be great this year?

Photo credit: Chris Potter (Flickr)

I want to see you flourish both personally and professionally this year, because I know that one definitely impacts the other. One huge aspect of who you are both personally and professionally is who you allow in your space and the energy they bring, and though we're already a few months into the year, it's not too late to evaluate your circle of support (and, by the way, this evaluation should be done regularly).

It's time to take a good, hard look at whether your personal support system is truly also your personal “dream team.” Do the people around you help you to be great?

Here are just three (of many) signs that you’re moving in the right direction when it comes to making sure you have a personal dream team that inspires you towards greatness personally, professionally, and spiritually:

1) You leave their presence better than you came Your conversations with them leave you feeling inspired, with more clarity, or in good spirits–just a few possibilities for how your interactions with these individuals can build you up and not break you down.

2) You can be your “best self” around them So instead of being “yourself,” I stated “best self” because friends and mentors should push you to be even greater. They should love and appreciate you for who you are, but be honest enough to help you grow and flourish. This includes them holding you accountable when that’s needed (in a way that’s professional, tactful, and done with care). For example, if your character seems to lean towards temptation or anger when you’re “yourself,” you would want your dream team to help you experience restraint or calm, in those moments when you would naturally lean towards a more negative response, therefore enhancing your character for you to be your “best self.”

3) They speak your love language(s) or are willing to do so If you’re not sure what love languages are, you really need to learn! My closest friends know I love this concept. Basically, if your personal dream team considers your love languages, this means that they ensure they’re considerate about what makes you feel cared about or appreciated, whether in a personal or work environment (and you should reciprocate, of course).

These are just a few things I hope you consider as you think of ways to improve and grow this year. I wish you well as you continue to reflect on what you’d like your year to look like as the year moves on! Let me know how these suggestions help you on your personal and professional journey!

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