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Shantae J. Consulting

I tripled my client base while working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, and even after working with her, obtained a number of corporate and nonprofit speaking, facilitation, and leadership development clients as a result of the work we did together. Coaching with Daphne was an amazing experience.  She was thorough and patient and supported me in developing a clearer vision for my business along with other critical components of my overall business strategy, working with me to communicate my value-add in a powerful way to prospects--a skillset I continue to use in my business.

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Kumon of Decatur

Within less than a year of working with Daphne, I was able to go from indecision to having a framework and transition plan in place to allow me to go from being a successful full-time consultant to working in my business full-time. Coaching with her regularly, from the time I launched my business to now, allowed me to go from having no clients to having 75 clients with my client conversion rates increasing from 20 percent to 50 percent. Her style of coaching has enhanced my own motivation, consistency, and ability to prioritize as a business leader. I appreciate Daphne’s ability to help me focus on the big picture of my long-term business vision while also supporting me in executing the daily tasks it takes to ensure my business and my staff are thriving. Her coaching has contributed to my hiring strategy, marketing plan, business plan, customer retention strategy, and development as a leader and business owner. If you’re looking for accountability and strategic support for your business, I highly recommend that you consider working with Daphne!

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D&L Miracle Cleaning

When I came to Daphne for business coaching, I was unsure of how to connect with clients, how to make progress with my business, how to attract and speak with prospective clients and how to maintain a long-term relationship with current clients. While working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, I went from having 2 - 3 residential cleaning clients to having about 15-17 residential clients and 3 commercial business contracts. My revenue increased profusely as a result of the tools, strategies, and accountability that I obtained from Daphne. We were able to create a results-driven action plan that ultimately led to my success in my business. Daphne has a wealth of information and knowledge on how to start and operate a successful business. She provided me with countless resources that really could have taken me years to research on my own. Her working with me led to my having an epiphany of what it could take for me to be successful in business and by working with her, I gained the confidence that I needed to successfully understand my clients’ needs and tools to establish meaningful relationships with them. Not only do I now have an increase in revenues and clientele, but I also have the strategies and tactics to attract and retain new customers. For anyone looking to grow their business consistently or wanting to start a successful business, I highly recommend hiring Daphne as your own transformative business coach.



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The Expectancy Institute

I came to Daphne with a desire to empower others through coaching and an initial business vision, but without the real basic business principles to ensure that I started on the right foot. Working with Daphne has helped me to discover some of my most powerful and beneficial traits and characteristics that I had not known existed, and also helped me to discover some of my traits that I could tremendously improve upon for the benefit of my business. 


As a result of my work with Daphne, I also have a more thorough understanding of the foundational framework my business should be built on to ensure long-term success.Daphne provided me with countless amounts of resources and connections to get me moving towards my desired direction. In addition, she checked on me in between our sessions and held me accountable for doing my part, which was awesome. Daphne was also able to support me in exuding a confidence in my business that only real great coaches can pull out of a person. I believe individuals who are at different phases of personal goals and business endeavors could definitely benefit from the level of knowledge, energy, and commitment that Daphne brings to the table. She really wants to see her clients successful at meeting their goals.


For anyone considering working with Daphne Valcin Coaching, the investment and time you sacrifice to work with Daphne yields a benefit far greater than the sum of the financial cost of coaching. When something has got to change in your life or business, and you are ready for something new, Daphne will jump in with you and then push you into becoming your greater self. I highly recommend her services!