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Three ways to thrive more personally and professionally this year

As we're just a few days into this new year, I wanted to share a few tips to support you in thriving both personally and professionally this year.

If you haven't already thought about what you hope for when it comes to this upcoming year, it’s not too late to set intentions and lay the foundation for what you might want this year. If you've already put some thought into it, maybe the insights below can help you further clarify how you might increase your chances for success for your vision this year.

Here are 3 things that you can do to be even more intentional around pursuing your goals this year whether this is for your personal development, career advancement, or business growth:

1. If you haven’t already done so, identify or further clarify your top 3 intentions for this year.

**If you know where you’re going and you focus on driving towards those main intentions daily, then you’ll be more likely to reach your destination!

2. Identify who you need in your circle to be well-supported with your goals.

**Think about if there is a colleague, family member, friend, or even someone not yet in your circle, who could support you in getting to where you desire to be personally or professionally.

3. Establish a daily routine that incorporates time to work on your intentions for this year.

**For example, as a new part of my routine this year, I’ve started doing a journal daily, “Two-minute mornings” to identify what I want to let go of before I start my day, to set my intentions for the day, and to reflect on what I’m grateful for. It’s been awesome thus far. I hope you find routines that work for you to keep you on track towards your intentions and goals.

However you choose to move forward this year, I’m sending well wishes for your success and for the success of everyone around you!

Please feel free to share this post with anyone you feel it could be valuable for!


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