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Demonstrate your value through tracking your wins

No matter what role you have within your company (and even as a business owner quite frankly), tracking your wins and being able to communicate your results at work is critical. 

Tracking your wins and being able to communicate them well can result in:

  • More mentors and sponsors who are willing to practically support you as they recognize your ability to garner influence and create impact at work

  • Your department or team receiving accolades from your company

  • Higher pay

  • More opportunities for you in general at work

  • Greater leadership opportunities

  • Greater opportunities for your team

  • And more.

Here are a few things that you can do track your wins more consistently:

  • Commit a block of time weekly to documenting your wins for the week in a journal, Google Doc, etc.

  • Track relevant numbers for your role (Examples of this are number of clients served, revenue attained, number of attendees, etc.).

  • Create an email folder of accolades you receive in email form from colleagues.

  • Create a physical and/or online folder to track evidence of your achievements including components like project deliverable documents, presentations, awards, or congratulatory notes.

  • Ask questions before, during, and after projects about the impact and reach of your projects to track data points. 

For some of you, this might be more of a reminder to track your wins—maybe you’ve done this before and haven’t kept up with it. 

Some of you are doing this already and maybe need to take it to another level. 

And for others, this concept of tracking your wins may be one you haven’t yet implemented. 

No matter where you are with incorporating this habit into your weekly repertoire, my hope is that everyone reading this uses this strategy to thrive more both personally and professionally in 2024!

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