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Exploring New Possibilities in 2024

The following is a guest post by intern, Candace Shoate

Getting out of your comfort zone can be tough, but there is rarely any success without it! You connect with others better, you create an abundance of memories, you learn more about who you are as you are put in a variety of situations that you would have never been met with had you stayed in a familiar place.

This next step is significant for everyone as it is a moment where you experience the most.

2024 is slowly but surely approaching. What have you done in 2023 that you believe has elevated you and surpassed the old you? Will you bring in the new year joyous in your work and accomplishments? What do you feel held you back from meeting your goals? These are a few questions to reflect on as we bring in the new year. Consider putting yourself in areas outside of your norm. Attend a conference, join a social media group and connect with others in your expertise, anything that may push you to expand your knowledge and learn from others.

Making a change in 24 hours isn’t the expectation. Remember, life is a marathon, not a race. Take in every accomplishment, as there is no such thing as too small of one. Something as simple as finishing a chapter in a book is a daily win you should be proud of. Accomplishments are the next step to fulfillment. Every goal is about intention and ease–simplify your goals to truly focus on your next steps. You will thrive by taking in the little moments, making mistakes and learning from them, staying consistent and remaining thoughtful.

Photo credit: Sage Friedman on Unsplash

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