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Could it be time to have a courageous conversation?

For decades, it was so challenging for me to speak up. I didn't like interrupting others. I avoided conflict. I didn't want to ruffle feathers. And over the course of a number of years, I realized that using my voice could actually bring more peace to relationships, it could help make expectations clear, it could help me advocate for others better, and it could quite honestly change my life and the lives of those around me.

A big shift came for me when a mentor once challenged me to have a difficult conversation with someone whom I cared about whom I felt had negatively impacted my life.

It was a life-changing conversation. What I may have subconsciously assumed about this individual shifted and I also felt a huge sense of courage in having the conversation.

We all might greatly benefit from having the conversations we hesitate to have:

  • With prospective mentors

  • With friends

  • With colleagues

  • With employers

  • With vendors

  • With a prospective employer

  • With a new supervisor

  • With clients

  • With prospective clients

  • With our significant other

  • And more…

It can be challenging to even think about having these conversations, especially if we haven’t practiced having uncomfortable conversations in the past.

But these kinds of conversations can change the trajectory of your life personally or professionally. They can shift your career. They can help mend relationships. They can grow your business. They can bring you peace.

Whatever conversations you need to have, if it could bring you more peace, abundance, connection, or whatever you’re striving for, do consider identifying how you can make these conversations happen thoughtfully and strategically in a way that could be valuable for you.

I believe in you!


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