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How Removing This Single Distraction Will Instantly Elevate Your Career Goals

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants to increase sales for your business or a professional who’s working on your career advancement, one of the best things you can do is remove distractions that lure you away from your goals.

When we think of distractions, our minds usually turn toward habits that are obviously negative. But the truth is, we’re often most distracted by things on our to-do lists that are not as important, yet ingrained into our routines.

Don’t let yesterday’s distractions be today’s downfall.

When I first launched my business, for example, I realized that one of my biggest challenges was that I would end each day with dozens of tabs open in my computer browser—most of which had nothing to do with my work!

With this revelation, I was able to change the trajectory of my business by simply exiting out of all irrelevant tabs at the end of each workday and only leaving up the tabs that would be most important for me to take action on at the start of the next day.

Those open tabs at the end of my workday were a distraction from my priorities that wasn’t worth the negative outcomes it produced.

Now, even if I end up with multiple tabs open by the end of the day, at least I began the morning with a clean slate and a fighting chance to focus on my priorities, so that I’m working on sales and marketing for my business, for example, rather than checking emails based on my priorities for that day.

Implementing this simple hack allowed me to be laser-focused on my tasks at hand. Ultimately, it allowed me to increase my bottom line because I completed projects quicker and with more attention to detail.

For my career coaching, executive coaching, and business coaching clients, this strategy has allowed them to get way more done in less time towards their career advancement or business growth. It has also contributed to them being able to improve productivity and time management by prioritizing better.

If you’re someone who spends most of your time in front of a computer, I encourage you to give this trick a try. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient and productive you will become by taking control of what you see—or don’t see—on your computer screen.

Comment below or email me to let me know how well this tip works for you!

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